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Genesee the Eclipse

ISO Certified-Safe Solar Glasses (Genesee County, NY)

ISO Certified-Safe Solar Glasses (Genesee County, NY)

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Shipping cut off is 4pm on March 22nd. Glasses can be ordered and marked for pick up at the Visitor Center in Batavia after this date.

Safely enjoy the 2024 Great American Total Solar Eclipse with your very own pair of Genesee County, NY's commemorative ISO Certified-Safe solar viewing glasses!

Glasses can also be purchased or picked up at the Genesee County Visitor Center (M-F 8:30a-4:30pm). 

Keep them on while the Sun is not yet fully eclipsed. Once the sky suddenly turns dark, and the solar corona appears, then you can take off your eclipse glasses to look at the Sun’s amazing corona.

Please note: Genny The Cow has a copyright and these glasses are not permitted for resale without authorization. 

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